New Love Based Items in the Shop!



New Items in My Shop!

I’ve been working on a few things for Valentine’s Day.  I’m happy to now to offer three different greeting cards and a little Forbidden Love plush set up for sale in my shop.

$3 for a single card (except the Tangled Love since it’s slightly off center) or $7 for all three.  $28 for the plush Forbidden Love set.

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2013 Resolutions

As this blog has archived, I’m pretty terrible at keeping resolutions, but that will not stop me from making some more this new year.tumblr_mfyta5PIDY1qaqtc7o1_500

1.  Keep track of my money usage.  I was doing this consistently about two years ago, but fell off on really paying attention to where my money was going.  Now that I’ll be changing to a biweekly pay schedule, I need a better handle on where my money is going so I can make sure that my bills get paid.  Bought a weekly planner specifically for recording where and how much I’m spending.

2.  Get back on an exercise plan.  Once I started taking the bus to work, I lost some time in the morning that I would use for working out.  I am getting some walking in because of getting to the bus stop and having to walk once I’m at work.  I definitely feel softer than I did a few months ago and I’ve just given into it for this winter season.

3.  Start painting/drawing again.  I’ve got a new little art area set up and I plan on using it.  I’m not going to give myself a big challenge because I know that it will only cause me to feel bad when I can’t do it, so for now: 1 new painting or drawing each month.

4.  Flossing.  Yes, flossing.  I’m still terrible at doing it everyday.

5.  Working on new stuffed animals and managing my online store and presence.  Also still terrible at self promotion.

6.  Read at least 50 books this year.  This will include collect comic trades so hopefully I will not fall too behind.  According to Goodreads, I managed to read 44 books in 2012 and 75 in 2011.

7.  Eating better.  I love me some junk food and I wouldn’t cut it out completely because I know that won’t work, but going to make a better effort to eat a balanced diet and not overeating.

May add or drop things as the year progresses.

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Munchings: Friendsgiving!

For the past three years I’ve made a Thanksgiving meal a few weeks earlier than Thanksgiving to celebrate with friends.  I’ve named this event Friendsgiving and it’s pretty awesome.

This started off with me wanting an excuse to try my hand at roasting a turkey and has turned in to a nice meal to share with friends.

That is my only picture from the evening and then most everything was eaten.


The Menu:

I switched out butter for Earth Balance and used vegetable broth to make most of the recipes vegan.  Only 5 of the dishes were not vegan and only 2 were not vegetarian (pretty easy to guess which 2).  The consensus was that food was delicious and recipes successful!

Already looking forward to next year!

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Alternative Press Expo 2012 Recap


I’m terrible at writing and keeping people updated on what I’m doing.  If you didn’t know, I tabled at Alternative Press Expo (APE) with Jon Williams and Clave Fourie to represent Guilded Castle.  (That website is going to get updated soon and actually give information on the quarterly comic that Chris has been working on.)

I had some cubed critters and t-shirts for sale.  It went well for me and I was able to buy a few things while I was there.  If I were a richer person, I would have come home with a lot more.

Now it’s picture time!

Table 918

Albino bun found a home this weekend

My swag

As you can see, my haul wasn’t very large, but I like what I got.  Left to right: postcards from Brendan Monroe, cat shirt from Double Parlour, The Gifted from Creative Mind Energy, Adventure Time print by Perry Dixon Maple from Gallery Nucleus, long art print from Brendan Monroe, Pug shirt from Jenny Park, “I See All” zine from Deth P Sun and a little burger plush from Jakc Designs.

I also managed to get bunny sketches from both Deth P Sun and Brendan Monroe.  Both are artists that I have followed and admired for years and I was definitely starstruck.  Ugh, I only ended up really talking to Brendan and I’m pretty sure I was awkward and sounded kind of dumb.  I’m like Troy from Community, “You can’t disappoint a picture!”

Overall this con falls on the plus side.  It’s been a few years since I tabled and I had forgotten how much fun it can be.  Looking forward to next year!

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SDCC Final Call

SDCC is now upon us!  Chris is already down there helping Image set up the booth and the Zombie course.  I’ve been getting updates and pictures of things coming together.  Pretty excited to see who he gets to meet, what he gets to see, and what he’s bring back with him.

I do not have a lot of funds to throw at all the things that I would want, so I had to make a smaller list and then only pick a few things from that.  I have to keep reminding myself that paying back my debt is better than having more toys (;__;)

The San Diego Ji Ja is my number 1 wishlist item.  I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get this one.  I’ve got Kenny trying for it on Preview night, so I should know by Thursday morning whether I have it.

Number 2 is the Green Flocked Treeson.  Ji Ja and Treeson are at the same booth, so hopefully I’ll get at least one of them.

Okay, so I want this thing.  It’s supposed to be a shrimp, but it kind of looks like a fetus, with a skeleton and a worried face.  $14.95 at booth #4734.  I wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t get it, so it’s more on the list as something to pick up if I the first two are sold out.

I really want this print, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t get a copy.  Sigh, so pretty.  They’re at the CBS booth #4129 and are limited to 1701 and I don’t actually have anyone trying for me since this one will probably be more on the crazy end of exclusives.

Along those lines, there is also limited release postcards for Next Generation’s 25th Anniversary, you have to follow on twitter to find out when and where they are going to be.  I really like the Picard one:

The Hark! A Vagrant calendars are being released at SDCC, but those will get a generally release later, so it’s not too important to make someone wait in line for me.

To all my friends that are going, have fun!  Be safe and I hope you see and get everything you want!

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Toy Stories: Awesome People and SDCC 2012

A mini-update from my last post:  predictably, nothing has been found in regards to my stolen toys, but there are some wonderful people out there.  My friend Dana over at Reading is Delicious (if you like books, comics, food and anime, go read it now!) heard about my plight and sent me a little care package which included a stuffed Zebra Labbit and a blue Takochu!

Sergey Safonov and Andy Woo of Crazylabel were so incredibly awesome and managed to find a Mini-Luno still in their possession and sent him along to me.  I might not have all my toys back, but my new Mini-Luno is a testament to how awesome folks you’ve never met can be!

On to SDCC 2012!

So exclusives news has been ramping up and I’m starting my tentative wishlist.  What I want and kind of want are so far are below:

From ThreeA and Valve is the Companion Cube Square.  As of now, there isn’t any info on pricing, which will determine whether I beg someone to wait in line and pick this up for me.  I’m digging on the design and would not be opposed to letting him hang out on my shelf.

I really enjoy Mr Clement‘s simplicity and since my only piece of his was stolen, I’ve been looking for something to shove into the Lapin shaped hole in my heart.  I think this exclusive Ji Ja might fit right in there and the $45 price tag is not bad at all.

These Summer Edition Androids are ones that I’m not entirely sold on.  I like them, but I don’t know if I like them enough to whine at one my lucky con attending friends to get them for me.

I know there are going to be some more exclusives being announced as we get closer and closer to the actual event and I’ll post my definitive wishlist then.  Last year I didn’t get everything I wanted, but I think I got the best (because my friends are the best).


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Toy Stories: My Toys Were Stolen This Weekend

Not all my toys and not even most of my toys, but the majority of the ones that were on my desk at work.

This weekend some asshole(s) decided that they would steal my work computer, which is frustrating and violating by itself, but along with it they took the toys that I had on my desk which included 4 takochus, a manju-kun, 2 tiny ceramic good luck cats, 6 mini-Labbits, a Rolito Boy, a Petit Astrolapin Black Team, and a Mini-Luno.

The majority of those I could replace with a little effort, but the Petit Astrolapin and Mini-Luno are the ones that I’m sure are gone gone gone from my collection.

I understand why a dickbag of a thief would steal a computer, but it’s just so low to steal toys.  I hope that everything they touch from now one rots in their hands.

 I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get these two below again, but if anyone out there has a lead on one, I would much appreciate the information.  If you know of anyone that has toy interests and can pass this plea along, I would appreciate that also.


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